Boy’s Work – Adventure Corps

Adventure Corps is for boys in grades 1–12


The group uses a format similar to the Boy Scouts: emblem earning, focus on working with others, providing service within the community, learning about other cultures, meeting new people, and building friendships. Younger Adventure Corps members (grades 1–5) are considered Explorers, whereas 6th–12th grade boys are referred to as Rangers. However, whether Explorer or Ranger all Adventure Corps members have the opportunity to earn emblems in the areas of sports and athletics, health and safety, outdoor living, arts and crafts, bible and The Salvation Army, the world around us, science and technology, and family and culture.

Adventure Corps emblems: 3D Art, Artist, Aviation, Basketry, Bird Life, Camping, Citizenship, Collector, Communicator, Cooking, Customs and Manners, Earth Knowledge, Energy, Family Life, Fire Safety, Fishing, First Aid, Fitness, Friendship, Gardening, God’s Love, Health & Body, Hiking, Individual Sports, Indoor Games, Insect World, Leather–Craft, Life of Jesus, Men of the Bible, Multimedia, Music, My Corps, Olympics, Parables, Pets and Animals, Plays, Railroads, Reading, Salvation Army Personalities, Safety at Home, Scientist, Space Exploration, Substance Abuse, Swimming, Team Sports, Tracking, Tree Study, Woodcraft, Membership and First-Fourth Star.

In addition to these emblems, boys in Adventure Corps have the opportunity to participate in service projects and attend summer camps.